Total Knee Replacement -Bilateral (Inpatient Service)

Total Knee Replacement -Bilateral (Inpatient Service)

Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery

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Package Includes

  • Pre-Operative Anesthesia consultation, blood and other investigations
  • Surgeon Fee
  • Operating room charges (up to 3 hours of use)
  • Intensive Care Unit (one day stay included)
  • Private room charges – (up to 7 days)
  • Doctor’s Rounding fees (at least one daily visit for 8 days)
  • Routine medications used in the procedure & during admission
  • Routine laboratory investigations
  • Post operation Laboratory investigations
  • Medical Imaging / Radiology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Routine Medical consumables & Implants

Package Excludes

  • If any complications arise during/after the procedure and if the patient moved to ICU for more than 1 day then ICU bed and related charges will be extra. ICU bed charges are Dhs 3,000 per day
  • The inpatient stay is for 01 day in ICU and 07 days in normal room. If additional stay days are required extra will be charged as per the occupied room. Extra doctors rounding fee will be charged also if the stay is extended
  • Charges for any other specialty consultations are not included
  • Any other test, procedures, therapy or service in addition to the above listed will be charged extra
  • Take home medications and items of personal nature are not included

Patient Eligibility

  • For patient having diabetics, hypertension, cardiac or any other chronic disorders charges for these special consultations and related treatment will be charged as per actual

Add On Charge

Patient Stays more than 8 days or patient requires any additional treatment

DXH package cost

AED 185,000

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