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    Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

    Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

    Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nationals do not require a visa to enter the UAE. Expatriate residents from the Gulf states (Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia), who are on the resident visa category of businessmen, company managers or representatives, auditors, accountants, doctors, engineers or employees working in the public sector, can obtain a non-renewable 30-day visa upon arrival in UAE.
    Dubai attracted 630,833 international and domestic medical tourists in 2015, 47% of which are international medical tourists generating 1.5 Billion Dirhams in revenues.
    Dubai aims to attract 500,000 medical tourists a year by 2020.

    One of the initial primary objectives for DXH is to help people become more beautiful, fitter and happier in their everyday lives and to consolidate Dubai’s position on the Medical Tourism map and enhance the city’s proposition as a major healthcare tourism destination. DHA’s objective is to attract over 500,000 visitors every year seeking world class medical treatment and facilities in Dubai by 2020.

    Among the first specialist areas to be offered by the Dubai Health Experience (DXH) are cosmetic treatment & surgery, orthopaedics and sports medicine, ophthalmology, dental treatment, dermatology, wellness and preventive health check-up packages, as well as assisted reproductive techniques and weight loss management and surgeries.

    The type of visa required for entry into the UAE depends on several different factors such as nationality, the purpose of visit and its duration.
    • Tourist Visa - tourists can apply for it through tour operators and Emirates Airline and is valid for a 30-day stay, but extendable for another 10 days. Tourist needs sponsorship from a hotel or tour operator, and prearrangement is required. Tourist must also have an honoured passport.
    • Medical Tourism Visa - is provided by health authorities after the submission of all required documents. Valid for 90-day and can be extended.
    Visa validity length, regulations and costs are subject to change, therefore visitors who need a visa are advised to contact their nearest UAE embassy or consulate or visit the website of the General Directorate of Foreign Residency and Foreigners Affairs. Visas can be arranged through travel agents, UAE Airlines, hotels and through close family members who are UAE Nationals or Residents. For more information, please visit:

    Clinics and hospitals in Dubai provide medical facilities and aftercare for patients that are among the finest in the world. The quality of healthcare is strictly regulated to guarantee internationally recognized quality healthcare. In addition, Dubai is known as a destination that is both stable and safe with a robust infrastructure to attract both tourists and investors in the medical field.

    Dubai Health Experience website contains a number of health packages that were designed in collaboration with 25 medical facilities in Dubai.

    Dubai Health Experience platform is designed for convenience and it includes a list of available doctors, hospitals, translators and information on travel formalities in Dubai. In addition to this, the website contains activities which are essential to complete the experience.

    The Dubai Health Experience (DXH) is the brand name of Dubai’s Medical Tourism new initiative that has been developed to help the transformation of Dubai into a global hub for medical tourism.
    The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) was created in June 2007, by Law 13 issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, with an expanded vision to include strategic oversight for the complete health sector in Dubai and enhance private sector engagement. The DHA's aim in Dubai is to provide an accessible, effective and integrated healthcare system, protect public health and improve the quality of life within the Emirate. The DHA's mission is to ensure access to health services, maintain and improve the quality of these services, improve the health status of nationals, residents and visitors and oversee a dynamic, efficient and innovative health sector.
    Dubai Health Authority collaborated with Alliance Insurance Company to offer a unique travel insurance package that has been designed specifically for inbound medical tourists traveling to Dubai. The policy provides cover while in the UAE for a variety of situations, including additional expenses in the event of an unexpected complication arising following a planned procedure, emergency medical expenses, repatriation, lost luggage and passport in addition to covering the accommodation facilities expenses for escorts. This insurance is valid from the moment the tourists book their flight tickets; insurance to cover the escorts can be bought separately.
    Dubai has established a long-term strategic plan for the development of the healthcare sector, which aims to strengthen the competitive position of the Emirate in order to be the first in the region and ultimately become one of the top 10 medical tourism destinations in the world. The Emirate has the potential to accomplish its objectives as it provides premium healthcare services. Dubai already occupies a prestigious global position as an ultimate destination for tourism and recreation, offering its visitors an exceptional experience throughout the year. Dubai has the ambition to be a major global destination for medical tourism attracting 500,000 tourists a year by 2020. These efforts are being supported by extensive research and analysis, identifying investment opportunities in the healthcare sector, developing marketing plans, strategically promoting medical tourism and continuously cooperating with the private sector as well as healthcare providers in the UAE.
    The number of Dubai Medical tourists is expected to grow by around 12% annually.
    Dubai has managed in a short period to be ranked 17 among the top 25 global destinations for medical tourism.
    The medical tourism visa is valid for up to three months and can be renewed for another three months.

    In total there are currently 25 medical facilities including hospitals, clinics and day care surgery centres who are part of Dubai’s new medical tourism initiative to promote and develop medical tourism in Dubai.

    There are 31 hospitals in Dubai, of which 70% are internationally accredited. The emirate aims to build 22 hospitals by 2020 - 18 private and 4 public hospitals.
    Dubai’s healthcare team includes more than 30,000 specialists working in 3,000 hospitals, clinics and centres.