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An advanced corrective treatment & exceptional healing experience

There is an exceptional feeling that health tourists experience when they return from Dubai to their home countries, especially if the treatment they availed of was a success. For them, there is a different kind of joy being felt now that they will be finally going home.
One fitting example of a patient all eager to go home--feeling much better and rejuvenated is Chinyere Pamou, a Nigerian national that came to Dubai seeking treatment at NMC Specialty Hospital (a DXH Partner). The patient suffered from a hip infection following a previous bipolar hip replacement surgery. Her medical condition was constantly deteriorating as the hip bone kept wearing away and began to protrude into her pelvic region. As a result, Chinyere suffered from debilitating pain and needed support to walk because of the shortening of her leg from the previous surgery.
After studying her condition and all possible treatment options thoroughly, a special team led by Dr. Ravi Nayak, Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon, NMC, performed two surgeries on Chinyere. The first surgery removed the infected implants and placed cement spacers onto the hip. The second surgery, which took place six weeks after the first, covered the building up the bone defect with femoral head allograft, and placement of a jumbo cup in the acetabulum. On the femoral (thigh) side, a long stem modular prosthesis was used to bypass the previous defect.
After recovering from the surgery, she was able to walk without the use of supports. Upon returning to her home country, she was assigned a follow-up post recovery plan. Today, 24 months after her surgery, she is completely healed and carries out a normal life minus the pain she felt before.   
Based on recent medical studies, orthopaedic has become one of the most sought-after procedures by health tourists. Exciting developments and technological innovations in this field are only adding more value to Dubai's position as a highly-preferred choice for health and destination experiences. 

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