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Dubai’s growing attraction as medical tourism destination for sports medicine

Dubai is increasingly becoming a popular medical tourism destination for sports medicine enabling patients to return to their much-loved sports. A recent celebrated case is Sania Mirza, India’s famous professional tennis player, who had been treated successfully for intensive physiotherapy sessions at Burjeel Hospital's rehabilitation unit, a DXH Group member, where she was finally declared by her doctors fit to return to playing tennis again.
Sports medical tourism is another growing healthcare services in Dubai that attract athletes who are looking for the ideal environment for healing while on travel and relaxation, while Dubai continues to gain traction in health tourism.
Travelers seeking quality healthcare treatment and facilities find Dubai has all the factors that make it a globally competitive health tourism destination. World-class services, high standards and strict regulations are some of the attractive features of the emirate when it comes to patient care, thanks to the Dubai Health Authority, which has been taking the lead to raise the healthcare standards in the emirate, and attract investments to enhance the sector. The Authority introduced new initiatives including the creation of platforms such as the Dubai Health Experience and the provision of a comprehensive ecosystem to serve the patients that includes packages from DXH Group members, patient protection plan and free second medical opinion.
Dubai is not only home to world class facilities, but also to some of the world's most renowned physicians, including orthopedic surgeons, psychiatrists and family practitioners that are experts in both orthopedic-surgical and sports medicine.
There are performance specialists that offer a complete range of care that can help the patient gain full activity after an accident or relieve after any chronic injury that is keeping from reaching a sports person's best performance.
Dubai’s healthcare providers are also known to easily adopt technological advancements in many of its rehabilitation services.  Some of these technologies include: analytics which can help study an athlete’s movement; cryotherapy which helps athletes recover from muscle pain and soreness and hasten healing from injuries; hyperbaric oxygen therapy which helps muscles stimulate growth and enhance recovery; sweat analysis – a technology providing information about the solutes in a person’s body; and wearable technology which can track an athlete’s acceleration, positioning, and collision impact during games and training.
There are a wide range of internationally accredited hospitals and other healthcare service providers that offer the most comprehensive treatments and sports medicine treatments across Dubai, while meeting the individual needs of patients. Some of the well-known internationally accredited facilities in Dubai which offer a wide range of sports medicine and sports surgery services include King’s College Hospital Dubai, Burjeel Hospital, Mediclinic Hospital, Medcare Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital, and Saudi German Hospital, among others.
Some of the injuries being treated in these hospitals include muscle tears, ligament or tendon injury, fracture in the wrist, scapula, clavicle or ankle, repetitive/ overuse injuries, tennis or golfers’ elbow, runners’ knee, Achilles tendonitis, rotator cuff injury, and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Some of the surgeries that have been successfully conducted are ACL Reconstruction Surgery, revision of failed ACL Reconstruction Surgery, and SLAP Repair, among other treatments.
Overall, sports science present bright prospects in Dubai following the government’s continuous support to advance the healthcare sector. Consistent policy approaches in medical tourism are also indicating that the emirate is poised to take the lead as a global sports science center in the region.

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