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Dubai: The perfect choice for treatments

Dubai has become globally renowned for its world-class hospitals, medical clinics and treatment facilities, which provides integrated services under the supervision of highly experienced and skilled medical professionals. Because of this, Dubai has fast become a highly preferred destination for health tourists and visitors.
Based on recent reports from the Health Regulation Sector at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the number of licenced health establishments in the emirate currently stands at 3,393--including 43 hospitals; 41 centres for day surgeries; and 2,056 additional clinics, including speciality clinics, polyclinics, and medical centres. The remaining 1,253 establishments include pharmacies, medical laboratories, and imaging centres, among others. There are also 19 pharmaceutical factories registered in the Dubai Science Park, all of which point to Dubai’s rising position as a global destination for healthcare and medical tourism enterprises.
The emirate offer a diverse package of comprehensive care programs for patients coming from different parts of the world as well as an integrated system that combines advanced technology, world-class medical practices and a range of multidisciplinary services, in addition to a comprehensive health plan. Tourists who need continuous and accurate monitoring sessions can consult health professionals and benefit from the services provided by many hospitals and treatment facilities that develop a comprehensive treatment plan that meet the needs of patients, including follow-up treatments and rehabilitation sessions.
Dr. Mohaymen Abdelghany, Chief Executive Officer, Al Zahra Hospital, said, "Al Zahra Hospital, which is a DXH partner, is among the leading medical facilities in Dubai that is absolutely committing and successfully implementing the most advanced technology. It has also established several centres of excellence--a key testament to good patient outcome and conformity to world class healthcare standards."
He added, “The hospital utilizes the newest medical technologies to provide key treatments and services such as 3 Tesla MRI--a procedure wherein radio waves and a powerful magnet linked to a computer are used to make detailed pictures of areas inside the body, such as Magnetic surgery—a rarely performed surgery used in spine surgeries for children suffering from scoliosis; 3D Printing--this new form of printing technology can be used for dentistry, surgery and prosthetics; Hipec Procedure--hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) is a new innovative treatment to cancers.
Across the medical industry, Dubai is confidently and rapidly catching up with the developments in the medical field as healthcare workers and professionals are quick to adopt the technology to offer leading international healthcare services, thus sealing the emirate's reputation as a world class medical hub.

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