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Women who fear losing their fertility as the biological clock starts ticking – need fear no more. Egg freezing is a safe method to ensure that you do not give up on your plans to start a family. What’s more, it gives you the confidence to take control of your fertility.

Freezing your eggs earlier in life can result in eggs that are younger and of better quality when you finally do decide to start a family. Not only that, women with upcoming pelvic surgery or medical treatments that could result in the loss of ovarian tissue or eggs are candidates for egg freezing. Additionally, women at risk for early menopause because of their family history or genetic reasons can potentially consider egg freezing.

To spread awareness about this wonderful procedure, Bourn Hall Fertility Centre in Dubai hosted a meet-up titled ‘Let’s Chill’ where women from across all walks of life shared their own personal experiences of egg freezing and dispel any misconceptions and fears about the procedure.

One of the personal testimonies came from Blanche Usher, who undertook the egg freezing procedure at Bourn Hall Fertility Centre. She commented: “While we’re trying to navigate tricky careers and manage our money for the betterment of our futures, it’s important to remember that time and ovarian reserve waits for no one! Don’t overthink, knowledge is power, and understanding your body is critical in making educated choices for your future.”

Dubai embraces world-class technologies and highly qualified healthcare professionals who will give you a truly one-of-a-kind experience.   

10 Steps to Egg Freezing Patient Journey*

Step 1: Contact the clinic International Patient Coordinator

The coordinator will recommend a fertility specialist and outline the likely costs of your treatment. If you are happy to take the next step, they will arrange a consultation with the fertility specialist of your choice.

Step 2: Phone Consultation with our Fertility Specialist

During a detailed consultation with your fertility specialist (allow at least 30 minutes), your medical history will be recorded, available test results considered, and more tests may be requested. These might include, specific blood tests, ultrasound scans. Your fertility specialist will discuss some preliminary advice regarding your treatment options

Step 3: Confirmation of treatment plan

If you decide to proceed with the proposed treatment, they will send you some consent forms and a detailed timeline of your treatment cycle and medication details.

Step 4: Plan your travel, assistance with travel plans

Most of the clinics coordinator who works closely with preferred travel agencies can help you

to book all flights, hotels and visa.

Step 5: Blood Tests and Scans

The doctor will then do an ultrasound to see ovarian follicles and request certain blood tests to check hormone levels to decide a treatment plan.

Step 6: Beginning of Egg Freezing Cycle

You will discuss the test results and treatment plan with your Fertility Specialist. This is your baseline appointment. Your Fertility Specialist and nurse educator will explain your plan, the consent forms, medications and injection teach.

Step 7: Monitoring

After your baseline scan, regular scans and blood tests will allow us to monitor your ovarian response to the medication.

Step 8: Trigger Injection

When hormones are at the right levels, another injection will trigger the eggs to mature.

Step 9: Egg Collection

Your eggs are collected from the follicles via a needle passed through your vagina whilst you are under sedation.

Step 10: Egg Freezing & Storage

The eggs collected are cryopreserved in the lab through ‘vitrification’. Eggs are stored in liquid nitrogen until you decide to use them in a “thawed” egg cycle.

While you are in Dubai, there are many exciting areas to explore from fresh dining spots and places to rewind and relax. From the dizzying heights of the Burj Khalifa to fresh aroma of spices of the souks, Dubai is a perfect collision of history, culture, modern society.

*Check the website for information on the Egg freezing Journey.


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