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Make travelling to Dubai for surgery as comfortable as possible with these four tips…

Name:  Make travelling to Dubai for surgery as comfortable as possible with these four tips…

Header: More people are coming to Dubai for surgery thanks to the city’s exceptional infrastructure, cutting-edge medical facilities and technology, experienced doctors, and awesome sightseeing. Here’s what you can do to make your trip as comfortable as possible…

Dubai is becoming a well-known Health tourism destination thanks to its high-end hospitals and facilities, well-trained doctors and stringent medical guidelines. Then of course there’s the incredible sightseeing and fabulous shopping, but that’s a topic for another blog… Today we’re sharing why it’s so important to be prepared for travelling for surgery, and how it will make your time spent in the emirate easier and more comfortable. Here’s what you need to remember before jet setting to Dubai for any kind of surgery or procedure…

  1. Know your stuff

It’s always important to do research when you’re having surgery, but it’s even more important if you’re thinking of travelling overseas – anywhere, not just Dubai – to have your surgery done. Look for a hospital that has an easy-to-prove record of providing the treatment you are looking for, and ask to see credentials. Don’t feel embarrassed to find another hospital if the one you first looked at doesn’t feel quite right to you. The same applies for your surgeon.

  1. Keep it light and loose

Depending on the type of surgery you’re having, you may be told to relax after leaving the clinic and heading home. Your surgeon will probably ask you not to travel alone, but even if you have someone to carry your bags, it’s important to pack light. In terms of what to put in your (small) bag, if you’re coming to Dubai you’ll need clothes ideal for warmer weather. Pack a light cardigan too, as most indoor places are air conditioned  – and sometimes chilly. While you’ll no doubt get advice from your surgeon in terms of what clothing to wear, in general the best thing to do is wear loose fitting items that keep you comfortable both from a climate and a post-surgery angle.

  1. Don’t forget the essentials

What would you pack that you absolutely could not live without? We don’t mean those Manolo Blahniks, by the way (which probably aren’t ideal after surgery anyway). We mean those things that genuinely make your life easier on a day-to-day basis. Think mobile phone, iPad, laptop, chargers, plug adaptors, travel pillow, books, compression stockings, and dry shampoo and body wipes in case you aren’t able to shower or bath while a scar or stitches heal in the days straight after the surgery. Make a list before you pack, and triple check it before you leave. Oh, and don’t forget your passport.

  1. Be prepared

Before you even book your flight to Dubai for your surgery, it’s important to know what to expect. Write down what your surgeon has told you with regards to what you need to do to recover quickly, and what to expect in the days straight after surgery. Make sure you have a routine in place for your time spent in Dubai after your surgery, as well as your flight home. You should also make prior arrangements for your post-operative care when you get back home.

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