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Overcoming obstacles to fitness

Forming new fitness habits may look like a wishful thinking at times while we wallow in guilt for the lack of willpower to move away from eating heavily or relaxing on the couch all day.
But if you think about it, there are times that we can be very busy, yet we find ways or less trouble sitting in front of the television, or on our mobile phones, swiping away, messaging and commenting on social networks, even performing some boring household chores. Simply, this is because the mental barriers to doing these activities are not that steep.
The truth is, being physically active is easier than we think. It takes a little bit of self-talk and convincing power using our own mind, rather than allowing anyone else convincing us that we are doing the right move towards better health and fitness.
It is even much easier as there is a supportive community which could boost your interest. Wellness lifestyles in Dubai are widely adopted whether by residents or tourists. If you are on a travel break, the Dubai Fitness Challenge is one major initiative which has been going on for several years now which can get you started or maintain your active lifestyle when you are already at it. The #Dubai30x30 fitness challenge for a month has been followed worldwide, backed by world-class facilities available across the emirate to help anyone get going with their fitness regimen.
Among all these supportive initiatives, it takes a few changes in mindset and you are on your way to a healthy and fit lifestyle:
  • It is in the mind. Feed the mind with thoughts about how exercise in a fun way and enjoyable to do. Exercise gives us a good feeling especially for the brain, giving it a boost of happiness and excitement. It also makes us smarter because exercising clears away those heavy and wasteful thinking.
  • It is all about me, not a competition. Becoming fit and healthy is not about the other individuals on the other side of the fence. The competition is with ourselves to look and feel better. It is a self-achievement for ourselves and not for anyone else.
  • There is always time. Another mindset that requires change. No matter how busy we can get, considering fitness as a priority and therefore, must be given time, will make it easier for anyone to shift from neglecting or delaying exercises, making it of importance in our daily routine.
Today, as millennials have become more aware about wellness and fitness, holidays focused on health and wellness have gained more popularity. Visiting destinations that offer thorough physical exercise and fun challenges can help kick start the metabolism and at the same time enjoy adventure holidays that have a wide range of options for health buffs. Boot camps, bespoke holistic or yoga fitness programmes, as well as detox holidays that offer specialized consultation with doctors and nutritionists for health programs with targeted goals are among the popular choices. 
Once we are convinced about the value of exercising in our lives, we will always find it easy to motivate ourselves and witness the incremental change in our body and overall lifestyle. Feeling good about what we do is important; with time our capacity to do more will increase and find challenging tasks to be easier.

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