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Overturning bad habits

Studies suggest that 40 per cent of our actions are not made out of conscious decisions but rather the result of our habits. Good habits enhance our life, but bad ones interrupt it by jeopardizing our physical and mental health.
Two most common factors lead to bad habits. One is stress and the other is boredom. We tend to acquire harmful behavioural patterns - from overspending on online shopping to wasting our time and energy on social media – to take our minds off things that are causing us to feel stressed and bored. Often, these two may signal underlying issues that require introspection. 
Travelling is one way to destress, and it is a perfect opportunity to break some of your bad habits. Planning a trip, which includes packing bags, makes many people enthusiastic, joyful and happy.
Also, different destinations provide different experiences. Adventure holidays can pull you out of your comfort zones, while cultural or “detox” trips can make you feel refreshed and allow you to approach issues such as bad habits with a fresh and new outlook in life. Part of a ‘detox’ trip is meeting with your wellness coach who can help bring you to the path of holistic wellbeing.
Going on a holiday in a vibrant city of Dubai is a perfect ‘detox’ vacation. In the emirate, there are 4 –14 days of detox packages designed to give anyone a holistic approach to health.  
Furthermore, Dubai offers various relaxing meditation classes. Meditation is known to help a person get rid of a bad habit. A number of people attest to its effectiveness in terms of overcoming things that are only preventing them from being productive, living their highest potentials and having a fruitful and abundant life. Meditation works by relaxing the mind and the body, enabling any person to better manage their different sources of stress.
In Dubai, leading centres and institutions offer meditation and other similar classes as a means of achieving holistic health and wellness. Many local, regional and global tourists who visit the emirate include meditation sessions as part of their itinerary to relax and rejuvenate, as well as experience the numerous world-class services available in the cosmopolitan city.
The best-in-class facilities, along with ultimate and complete personalised relaxation packages, in Dubai are among its top tourist attractions and definitely a must-try when you are in this part of the world.   
The important thing to remember about bad habits is that they can be replaced with good ones with much effort, will power and commitment. As all of us struggle with bad habits, we need to be patient with ourselves. Do not feel ashamed. Ask for help if you need it and keep on persisting.

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