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Patient given new lease of life in Dubai, visits Dubai for a special procedure.

Ms. Mariah Hyde was one of the first international patients who planned her trip to Dubai once Dubai opened its doors to tourists. After researching on the internet for expertise in laparoscopic myomectomies (minimally invasive) expertise, in particular, the removal of large uterine fibroids, she decided to contact DXH member, Dubai London Clinic & Speciality Hospital. She planned her travel from the USA to Dubai to undergo a complex Laparoscopic Myomectomy by Dr. Rajesh Devassy for removal of her large uterine fibroid (18 cm X 11 cm) centrally located in the uterus. 

As per Dr. Devassy, she said, "I’m 46 years old, healthy, and would like to preserve my uterus. I have a very large uterine fibroid (18 cm X 11 cm) centrally located in my uterus. Your specialization in laparoscopic myomectomies (minimally invasive), in particular, the removal of large uterine fibroids, led me to contact you. I have completed the requested tests and would appreciate a consultation.”
Ms. Mariah was suffering from large fibroids and had been deferring surgery for a long time. Being a fitness enthusiast, her tummy was popping out like a fully pregnant woman with a womb full of fibroids around 2 kilos, which was becoming a hindrance in her day-to-day activities.Ms. Mariah was not feeling confident with the options of surgery offered to her, which was either open surgery or hysterectomy. 

Dr. Rajesh Devassy, Head of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Minimal Access Surgery, practicing at the DXH member Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital, provided her with the option of fully contained in-bag morcellation because of the size of the fibroid and by reviewing her case documents. Dr. Rajesh has performed similar surgeries on various international patients who have visited him especially for similar cases and have successfully travelled back to their home countries.
The Tele-consultation for Ms. Mariah was done in the early months of 2020, but the planned surgery was disrupted due to travel restrictions. As soon as the borders were eased, Ms. Mariah planned her visit without further delay. The procedure was long; it took around 3.5-4 hours for the surgery, but within a day she was recovering and very soon ready to travel. Ms. Mariah is now back in her hometown and recovering well post-surgery. She is in regular contact with the Dubai London Clinic team.

Dr. Devassy, who runs an endoscopic unit at the Dubai London Clinic & Speciality Hospital, said, "It was a truly momentous moment in Mariah's and my lives, having recovered completely within a day of surgery, and the look in her eyes was filled with tears and gratitude with the same confidence that she had just before surgery when she met me for the first time ever. It is really astonishing how the bond between the patient and doctor develops with each other through remote communication, and we meet just before the surgery. I think the patient’s body and soul can feel the doctors' care and compassion even from a distance".

Here's what Ms. Mariah had to share about her experience at the Dubai London Clinic & Speciality Hospital: Dear Dr. Rajesh, thank you for accepting my case, a complex challenge (23 myomas 2 kg). My quality of life is greatly improved due to your exceptional skill and expertise.

Dear Dr. Rajesh’s Nursing Team, thank you for your care, compassion, and skill. I felt vulnerable and weak after surgery, and your respectful care of my body helped me to recover. With gratitude and respect, Mariah Hyde.

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