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If you’re opting for surgery in Dubai, choosing your surgeon is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

If you’re opting for surgery in Dubai, choosing your surgeon is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Here’s how to find Dubai’s top hospitals and medical staff (and what to ask them when you do…)

Considering coming to Dubai for cosmetic surgery? Excellent choice. The city boasts some of the best medical facilities, highly-qualified doctors, and advanced treatments in the world. Even so, it’s good to know what to ask when choosing the hospital and doctor that you think is the best fit for your needs. After all, your quality of health care depends on much more than your surgeon’s skills, with many other people – from nurses to support staff – being directly involved in your care before, during and after surgery.

Dr. Muna Tahlak, CEO of Latifa Hospital, says

Take your pick

Dr. Layla Al Marzouqi , Director Health Tourism Council in Dubai explains why doing research on the hospital and surgeon you’d like to opt for is so important. “The medical centre you choose is, essentially, going to be your home for a little while after your surgery – quite how long depends on the surgery you’re having, and how your healing progresses. When you’re shortlisting the hospitals you’re thinking of having your procedure at, ask management:

  • If the hospital has a dedicated operating rooms that focuses only on the type of surgery you’re having.
  • If there are certain guidelines in place that the medical staff have to follow to ensure that everyone who has your type of surgery receives the exact care they require.
  • If they have nurses and doctors who speak your language.
  • How many surgeries – specifically the type you’re planning on having – they’ve performed in the past.
  • Who their surgeons are and what their credentials are.
  • If you’re having surgery that involves new techniques, ask how many of these procedures the hospital has already done.

Shop around

In terms of sourcing the right surgeon, Dr. Layla says, “There’s no shame in shopping around for a surgeon. If you like, interview two or three surgeons whose specialties match your needs. You can look for options on the website and  feel free to ask your surgeon to see his or her credentials before confirming the appointment.”

Personal recommendations are important, so ask family or friends for referrals if they have had a similar procedure done in Dubai. You could also get opinions from your family doctor and other doctor acquaintances. Surgical technicians and operating room nurses are also excellent sources for information about a surgeon's skill in the operating room. Dubai offers a website that provides comprehensive information about the Doctors alongside the hospital and package details.

It’s important to remember that cosmetic surgery is a highly competitive field, so don't be dazzled by medical centres claiming to be ‘the only’ or ‘the best’ as this could exclude surgeons who may be better suited to your particular needs.

To find out what a surgeon specialises in, ask about their fellowship training – that’s the specialised training they’ve received in specific procedures. Don’t feel shy to ask for verification of the surgeon's board certification, education, and license.

Once you’ve narrowed your surgeon choices down, ask the candidates:

  • What their area of expertise is.
  • How long he or she has practiced for and how many of these specific procedures they’ve done.
  • What the total price of the surgery is.
  • If he or she uses a certified surgical facility with board-certified anesthesiologist and up-to-date emergency equipment and anesthesia monitoring devices.
  • If you can see before-and-after photos of previous patients who’ve had the same procedure.
  • If a second surgery is needed, what your financial responsibility is.

The surgeon you opt for should be friendly yet confident and professional. He or she should encourage you to ask questions and be willing to answer as many as you have.