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You might know the old adage “prevention is better than cure”? Dubai’s medical sector believes in that saying wholeheartedly, offering wellness and preventative medical packages that stop you from falling sick in the first place…


Preventative medicine is a relatively new and unique concept, so if you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry. Preventative medicine is a unique medical specialty that focuses on the health of people and communities to protect, promote and maintain health and wellbeing and prevent disease down the line. Today, more and more people are coming to Dubai for health check-ups, thanks to the emirate’s reputation for exceptional healthcare and service specifically related to wellness or preventative medicine.


Dr. Ashok Gupta, Specialist Vascular Surgeon in Dubai, agrees. “Our hospital – and many others – started wellness and preventative programmes to go well beyond pathology and treatment care and in to actual treatment programmes,” he explains. “These programmes include complete and comprehensive medical examinations, and advanced blood tests in view of rising cancer risks – with some of the tests being markers for future cancers or recurrence of cancers. These programmes can also advise people what they need to modify in their lifestyles in order to be emotionally and physically well, and how to avoid toxins in their local environment.”


He adds that preventative or wellness treatments are about more than just state-of-the-art medical facilities, cutting-edge technology and experienced doctors. “People want to be taken care of in a place that feels as close to home as possible, of course, which is why we try our best to have home-style comforts available, from food through to staff that can speak many languages. The whole point is to try to make a person’s time here a memorable experience. Dubai is a visionary city because it looks at the holistic wellness and future health of not just its own residents, but the rest of the globe’s citizens too.”


Family time..

Most doctors agree that healing is greatly affected by your surroundings, so it’s ideal if your family comes with you when having surgery or any other type of treatment. If you are able to bring your other half and children to Dubai, lucky them! While there is certainly a lot to see and do in the city, we suggest you start with this…


A walk on the beach…

Depending on what type of surgery you’ve had, you might be able to take a stroll along the beach with your family relatively soon after having your surgery – but you need to get the go ahead from your surgeon before doing any type of physical activity. We love Open Beach – to the right of the iconic Burj Al Arab – for its wonderful views. Kite Beach is a great option for the whole family as there are several restaurants to choose from as well as a skate park for the kids, kite surfing, swimming and an outdoor market on weekends during the winter.,

A whizz down a slide…

This is not the ideal activity after having surgery, but your kids will love it – supervised by guardians, of course. Situated just alongside the Burj Al Arab (ideal for selfies!) Wild Wadi Waterpark offers gravity-defying thrills and fabulous spills. There are 30 rides and attractions, including the Wipeout and Riptide Flowriders surfing experiences, and an awesome water-filled kids’ play area ideal for smaller children. At Tantrum Alley visitors go head to head with three tornados, or shoot down one of two 120-metre tandem slides at a breathtaking speed of 80km/h at Jumeirah Sceirah. This might be a great activity for your kids to do on a day when you need some me-time or are busy with hospital administration or the actual surgery.


A wander in a park

Right at the edge of the Dubai Creek, here you and/or your family can stroll along a paved promenade as you watch dhows bobbing nearby, get a bird's-eye view of the city by taking a trip in the Creek Park Cable Car, play mini golf, or let your kids channel their inner Lewis Hamilton on the go-kart track. Featuring acres of lawn, botanical gardens and children's play areas, Creek Park is one of the city’s most beautiful retreats. It’s also the ideal spot for a picnic, featuring barbecue spots and lovely spaces to sit. Don’t forget to check out Dubai Dolphinarium and Children’s City, an incredible indoor ‘edutainment’ centre, while you’re there.


What patients have to say about Dubai’s preventative programmes…


“The first time I came to Dubai for a preventative medical check-up I found the doctors and nurses to be really considerate. The next time I need to have a check-up, I’ll be coming back to Dubai.”


“In Dubai, everything is very modern and developing at a fast pace. When I go back to China I’ll definitely recommend that my friends come and have their medical check-ups done here.”



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