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American Spine Center is a center of excellence in Non-surgical & Surgical treatment of Back, Neck, and Joint Pain. Dr. Hisham Hakim, the Chairman of American Spine Center, established his first center in 1991, Alabama USA
​Begun in 1991, Dr. Hisham Hakim started his first treatment center in Sylacuaga Alabama USA.
In 1996, the current headquarter, was established in Birmingham Alabama USA, which operates its primary research center, for the treatment of spine pathologist and spinal injury.

Recognized as a center of excellence and a pioneer for treatment of spine pathology since 1991, American Spine Center is now bringing its expertise to the Gulf Region.

Having treated thousands of patients through the use of the Center’s own custom-designed and unique Non-Surgical medical treatment protocol, American Spine Center has achieved excellent results consistently for its patients.

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