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    Package Description

    Reconstruction of the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and repair of a torn meniscus are among the most commonly performed arthroscopic surgeries. Within the knee, these structures perform distinct functions. The ACL helps stabilize and support the joint.

    Package Includes

    • Preop Consultation Preop Xray (x3)
    • Preop MRI Knee Postop Consultation (5th & 14th day) Physiotherapy 10 sessions
    • Single Room
    • Doctor Rounds
    • Surgeon,Anaesthetist + OT Charges
    • Lab test
    • Radiology
    • Pharmacy
    • Consumables (OT)

    Package Excludes

    Any blood radiology investigations, procedures visit other than the ones listed in the package will be carried out at an additional cost

    Patient Eligibility

    Instability of the knee with giving out or locking usually associated with sports injuries

    Add On Charges :