Health checkups and more all in one day


Enabling you to deep dive into the Dubai scene and benefit from its advanced healthcare services, Dubai Health Experience (DXH) has partnered with healthcare facilities to curate three tailor-made health screening packages—regular, executive and comprehensive (Men/Women)—and help you discover your health status.

You can book your priority appointment at one of our partners and complete your medical tests with ease within 4 to 6 hours. The results from the health screening will be made available on the same day you have the tests.

Several other treatments are available within these healthcare facilities, and they can all be completed within one day without the need for an extensive recovery time. From eye treatments and health checks to dental care and cosmetics, these medical services are offered at Dubai’s world-class clinics. They all provide great service and value so you can easily rejuvenate while on a holiday!


However you are feeling, and no matter your age group, a yearly visit to the doctor helps in keeping you stress-free. Therefore, the Dubai in One Day Regular health screening package includes a set of general tests that you can complete within 2 to 4 hours in the healthcare facility of your choice.


The Dubai in One Day Executive health screening package builds on regular health screenings to provide you with more medical context and insights. You can swiftly complete these selected tests within 3 to 4 hours in the healthcare facility of your choice with quick appointments, concierge services and quick turnaround time that lets you indulge in your holiday experience with minimal interruption.


The Dubai in One Day Comprehensive Health screening package includes an extensive range of tests to help early detection of diseases and begin immediate treatment. You can complete the tests within 4 to 6 hours with help of concierge services, and your results will be made available within 24/48 hours electronically. A priority appointment can be arranged in case you need a consultation first, speeding up the whole health screening process and saving time. The Comprehensive package includes a different screening programme for men and women.

How to Book the Dubai in One Day Packages?

- The health screening packages, at the published costs, are available on the participating partners’ websites.
- Click on the partner logo and request an appointment on the partner page.
- Choose from the health screening packages or any other one-day services.









Package Details .
These terms and conditions refer to the Dubai in One Day offer/ packages brought to you by DXH, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the promotional campaign’s participating partners.
- DXH: Dubai Health Experience
- Participating Healthcare Facilities: Any hospital/ clinic in Dubai operating the promotion 
1. The promotional campaign is valid from the 1st of February 2023 until the 31 of December 2023.
2. All international patients can avail the offer provided under each of the Dubai In One Day packages, which offer Regular, Executive and Comprehensive health screening services, at the participating healthcare facilities.
3. There will be additional charges for any further investigation, consultation or treatment outside the scope of the services offered.
4. By choosing any package under this promotion, the user therefore accepts the campaign’s rules, specific instructions and service terms & conditions communicated by the participating healthcare facility through electronic messages, the website or any other form.
5. The promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion unless otherwise indicated by the participating healthcare facility.
Bookings, payments or service cancellation will be completely handled by the participating healthcare facility.
6. The patient is obligated to sign the terms of treatment prior to availing any healthcare package. The patient must also understand all the terms and conditions provided in person, via telephone or through an electronic form on the provider’s website.
7. The participating healthcare facility is eligible to use any submitted medical information to administer the promotion, with the consent of the patient.
8. DHA reserves the right to change the terms and conditions from time to time with absolute discretion to refuse or withdraw the promotion from a participant healthcare facility or beneficiary at any time and without notice.
9. DHA acts as the organizer of this promotion. The participating healthcare facility is the one responsible for all complaints, issues and claims relating to the procedure, undertaking measures to resolve any dispute or misunderstanding.
10. All terms and conditions and all non-contractual claims and disputes, which arise out of or in connection with this promotion, will fall under the jurisdiction of Dubai courts.

1. What is the campaign launched by DXH?
Dubai in One Day offers patients the opportunity to undergo health checkups and receive medical treatments in one day though 3 tailor-made health screening packages, Regular, Executive and Comprehensive.
2. What are the packages prices?
 - Regular package - AED800
 - Executive package - AED1400
 - Comprehensive package - Male - AED2800 | Female - AED3300
3. Are all the facilities in Dubai offering these packages?
Only the healthcare facilities participating in the campaign can provide the listed packages.
4. How long does each screening take?
Each Dubai In One Day package has a unique yet quick turnaround time as listed below:
 - Regular | 2-3 hours
 - Executive | 3-4 hours
 - Comprehensive | 4-6 hours
5. How long will the results take to come out?
All results will be electronically provided by the healthcare facility within a period of 24 to 48 hours. Patients who undertook comprehensive check-ups may need to wait more that 48 hours to receive their results.
6. How can I book my package?
 - Please visit and click on the desired screening package.
 - Choose a hospital to take the test in.
 - You will be guided to a page with details about the healthcare facility and booking appointment.
7. Who do I call if I need any assistance?
You can contact the healthcare facility you’ve selected, where all contact details will be provided prior to booking your appointment.