In line with Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) vision to provide high-quality medical services and an unparalleled holiday experience in Dubai, the Health Tourism Department has partnered with Dubai College of Tourism to launch a course called “Introduction to health tourism" on the Dubai Way training and engagement platform.

The course will enable Health Tourism members and organizations, that are part of providing services for health tourists, to understand the expectations of international travelers and how to exceed those expectations. DHA’s prestigious brand Dubai Health Experience (DXH) has proposed a patient-centric approach with the assurance of quality service even after the treatment ends, making it an exceptional health experience.

Programme Overview

Dubai is already associated with exceptional service and experiences worth returning for. But in recent years, more international travelers have turned to Dubai for a different kind of experience the Dubai health experience. And the expectations for exceptional service are even higher. In this Introduction to Health Tourism course, we’ll examine those expectations and explain how your health facilities can meet, and exceed them. The ‘Introduction to Health Tourism’ course offers practical guidance via interactive videos, activities and specially designed assessments to help professionals learn about the globally recognized standards of the health tourism journey. The course also provides information about Dubai's diverse destination offerings for an enhanced experience for the health tourist during the treatment period.

Who Should Attend?

This programme has been designed for anyone who is involved in marketing, promoting, or advertising healthcare services, including those involved in facilitating medical tourism.

How it Works