Gynecomastia ( male breast)

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    Aesthetic Dermal Medical centre L.L.C (ZO Skin Centre)

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    It is a common problem in men (30-32%) and results from the presence of an enlarged breast parenchyma ( true gynecomastia), or from a fat deposit in the breast area ( pseudo-gynecomastia). Most of the times, both components coexist. The treatment is directed to the main problem, removing it: excising the gland, removing the fat through a liposuction technique or both. The downtime is minimal, as is the pain. Swelling and bruising are expected and it is necessary to use a compression garment for the first two weeks. It can be done under local or general anaesthesia according to the severity and extension of the problem. The scars are concealed in the areola and are almost unnoticeable.

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    • Initial consultation and assessment
    • Surgeon fees
    • Anesthetist fees
    • Hospital fees
    • Post operative medication associated with surgical procedure
    • Early post operative care and follow up
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    • Post treatment skin care product
    • Pre operative test (laboratory Imagiology exams and other required pre operative tests.)
    • Other surgical or non-surgical treatments resulting from complication of the surgical procedure or due to pre-existing conditions
    • Blood products or transfusions
    • Hotel stays
    • Visa and Flight tickets
  • Patient Eligibility

    Depending on the indication and benefits of the priced to the patient, health status, medication and initial assessment. Upon in manifest interest, a clinical form for initial assessment can be emailed and an initial Skype consultation

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