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Upper Eyelid: AED 20000, Lower Eyelid: AED 20000 Both Combined: AED 30000


Upper Eyelid: AED 12,000. Lower Eyelid: AED 15,000 Both Combined: AED 25,000

  • Hospital

    Cocoona Aesthetic and Day Surgical Hospital

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  • Package Description

    Cosmetic eyelid surgery, technically known as blepharoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. In fact, it’s so popular that it is believed that more than one hundred thousand people undergo blepharoplasty every year. Blepharoplasty usually involves removal of excess fat or skin from upper and lower eyelids, thus restoring a refreshed look and giving the eyes a more plump and youthful appearance. The simple procedure usually takes around one hour, and is performed with local anesthesia with sedation. In blepharoplasty, small incisions are made in and around the upper and lower eyelids – to minimize visibility, incisions are always made around natural skin creases and folds. Once the incisions are in place, excess fat and skin are trimmed away, with fine sutures are used to close the gaps.

  • Package Includes

    • Surgeons fees
    • Anestheisa charges
    • Follow ups
    • Hospital Charges / OT charges
    • Blood tests
    • One post surgical garment and medication
  • Package Excludes

    Hotel, travel tickets, visa and accommodation will be separate and can be arranged per the patients

  • Patient Eligibility

    Patient Counselor/Doctor shall communicate with the details post initial communications

  • Add On Charges :

    Any additional stay in the hospital (More than 1 day).

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  • Blefpharoplasty

    Upper Eyelid: AED 12,000. Lower Eyelid: AED 15,000 Both Combined: AED 25,000

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