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Mini Facelift: AED 36000 & Full Facelift: AED 45000


Mini Facelift : AED 30,000, Full Facelift : AED 38,000

  • Hospital

    Cocoona Aesthetic and Day Surgical Hospital

  • Doctor

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  • Package Description

    A facelift procedure takes approximately two to three hours, and is performed under “twilight” anesthesia. The procedure involves making an incision behind the hairline, which extends in natural skin creases down and around the ear and then back into the hair-bearing scalp behind the ear. A tiny incision is also made under the chin for fat removal and muscle tightening of the neck region. Once the incisions are in place, the skin is lifted and liposculpturing techniques are used to remove excess fatty deposits. At Cocoona we take extra care to ensure that the skin is made taut, but not over tightened. That’s precisely why our procedure not only corrects creases, lines, folds and restores the contours of your face to give you a more prominent jaw line, cheekbones, and neck, but do it all in a manner that looks natural.

  • Package Includes

    • Surgeons fees
    • Anestheisa charges
    • First Follow ups
    • Hospital Charges and overnight stay (Applicable for Full Facelift)/OT charges
    • Blood tests
    • One Post surgical Garment and Medication
  • Package Excludes

    Hotel, travel tickets, visa and accommodation will be separate and can be arranged per the patients

  • Patient Eligibility

    Patient Counselor/Doctor shall communicate with the details post initial communications

  • Add On Charges :

    Any additional stay in the hospital (More than 1 day).

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  • Facelift

    Mini Facelift : AED 30,000, Full Facelift : AED 38,000

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