AlaaEldin Alhessi Male

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    Internal Medicine

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    Emirates Hospital

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    US Board Certified in Internal Medicine
    Consultant Internal Medicine

    Dr. Alaa received his medical degree with honors in 1994. He completed four years University internships in kidney diseases and hypertension, dialysis and transplantation followed by three years US residency in internal medicine at the Universities of Chicago and Iowa.

    Dr. Alaa practiced at the James Cook University in Queensland, Australia prior to joining Emirates Hospital in Dubai.
    He is a member of the American Society of Internal Medicine, the American Medical Association, the American College of Physicians, and the Egyptian Medical Syndicate.

    Dr. Alhessi earned the American Board of Internal Medicine and the Physician Recognition Award by the American Medical Association in 2003.
    He is licensed to practice in the USA, Canada, Australia, Egypt and UAE

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