Dubai Health Experience eyes to attract more wellness tourists to Dubai 05-08-2019 Share

Dubai Health Experience eyes to attract more wellness tourists to Dubai Newly launched DXHwellness community page to effectively showcase Dubai’s wellness tourism offerings before the world

In line with its efforts to attract more health and wellness seekers to the emirate of Dubai by spreading awareness on the wide array of world-class wellness services offered by the emirate, Dubai Health Experience (DXH) recently launched its new DXHwellness community page. The initiative is aimed at better showcasing what Dubai has to offer as a wellness destination that not many know about. Dubai’s growth as the most-preferred holistic health, rejuvenation and wellness hub in the region has been unparalleled, thanks to state-of-the-art facilities, highly experienced and licensed professionals, easy connectivity and a robust health and regulation framework.

The launch event, which was held at the wellness lounge of Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery by Sofitel, was attended by social media influencers from across the UAE. In addition to briefing sessions about DXH’s plans for the year 2019, the event featured photographable wellness-related activities for the attendees. Besides, as a continuation of efforts in this direction, DXH will host follow - up events to stay connected with its team of social media influencers.

The DXH understands the importance of being able to attract more wellness tourists to the emirate, which is evident in the creation of the DXHwellness page and its role in highlighting the emirate’s position as a premiere health and wellness destination. In line with this, DXH has brought together social media storytellers to start a new, inspiring, and very special story out of the many in this city. The launch of the new community page showcases DXH’s confidence in the creativity and ability of these storytellers to form thousands of stories that will fly across the world to tell people how amazing the journey to Dubai is, and why they should consider the city as the place to enjoy a truly relaxing break.

With the concept of wellness now being incorporated into many aspects of our everyday lives, the way in which these services are being perceived and consumed are undergoing a tremendous change, and social media plays an integral role in shaping customer attitudes and behaviors. Hence, #DXHwellness community was created to spread awareness on the wide array of wellness services offered by the emirate with the help of state-of-the art wellness centers, highly skilled professionals and advanced infrastructure.”

Furthermore, a specially-designed competition was also organized for the social media influencers and their followers as part of the event. The contest encouraged influencers to participate by following DXHwellness page, liking the competition post and by using the hashtag #DXHwellness. Meanwhile their followers can participate in the week-long competition by tagging their influencer and two other friends in the posts. All contestants stand a chance to win a three-day retreat package at The Retreat Palm Dubai. The influencer who gets tagged the most will be declared the winner of the competition and will be given the chance to choose one more winner from his/her followers base. The winner will thereby get a chance to meet the influencer during their stay at the resort.