Dubai Hospital doctors conduct complex surgery to save patient’s life

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) doctors succeeded in saving the life of a Nigerian patient in his 60s who was suffering from a cancerous tumor in his larynx that was blocking his airway and causing difficulty breathing and swallowing. Doctors from Dubai Hospital’s Head and Neck Surgery division at the ENT department saved the patient’s life by removing the patient’s entire larynx, parts of the pharynx, part of thyroid glands and neck muscles in a major surgery that took four hours to complete. The patient who was a medical tourist seeking treatment for his case visited many hospitals who declined his case due to its difficulty and due to the precision it requires, until his case was accepted in Dubai Hospital. The hospital’s Head and Neck Surgery division at the ENT department carried on with the required tests, which found that the patient suffered from a cancerous tumor that needed immediate surgical intervention to remove the affected areas. A team of specialised experts in the field were able to successfully conduct the surgery under general anesthesia. The patient will be required to get radiation sessions following the surgery and get periodic checkups for the next five years to make sure that the tumor does not return. Doctors from the Head and Neck Surgery division at Dubai Hospital said that the surgery, which was conducted in collaboration with other concerned departments (such as the anesthesia, nursing and radiation department) completely successful. They added that the patient was able to return to eating and drinking after 10 days only from conducting the surgery. The doctors revealed that it is the second time that the hospital received a similar case as the doctors conducted a surgery two years ago on an Emirati patient who was suffering from larynx cancer. The doctors stressed that conducing such surgeries reflects the competitive capabilities of the DHA and the notable continuous advancements and developments witnessed in the health field in Dubai. These notable advancements have reaffirmed Dubai’s position in the medical tourism map, making it the preferred destination for medical tourists looking for an ideal treatment journey. Talking about the symptoms of such cases, the doctors pointed out that patients may notice change in one’s voice, a lump in a neck, losing a lot of weight, pain in the throat and having problems swallowing and breathing. They added that one of the main known causes for lyarynx cancer is smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Meanwhile, the patient thanked the medical and administrate team at Dubai Hospital for the care he received during his stay.

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