Health Tourism Department to promote Dubai Health Experience at World Travel Market London 10-04-2019 Share

In line with Dubai's continuing efforts to expand and promote its widely popular world-class health and wellness services portfolio across the travel and hospital industry

Move to help bolster efforts to position emirate as leading and highly preferred destination for health rejuvenation


October, 2018

In line with Dubai's continuing efforts to expand and promote its widely popular world-class health and wellness services portfolio across the travel and hospital industry, Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the government entity in Dubai that oversees the emirate’s health sector, announced that the Health Tourism Department will be participating at this year’s edition of the World Travel Market London (WTM London), the leading global event for the travel industry, which will be held from November 5 to November 7, 2018 at ExCeL London. During their presence at the show, the Health Tourism Department will be throwing the spotlight on the emirate’s world-class healthcare services, finest medical expertise, and the extensive range of health and wellness options designed for health-conscious travelers seeking health rejuvenation while on holiday.

Over the last few decades, Dubai has achieved phenomenal success in its efforts to become one of the world’s leading tourism destinations—ably backed by world-class hospitality services and a robust aviation sector, which has served as key drivers in attracting tourists from around the world. The emirate has developed into an ideal platform for the emerging global market of health-conscious travelers.

Dubai continues to be the No. 1 medical tourism destination in the Arab region and 16th in the world, as per the Medical Tourism Index, a report that ranks countries and cities based on their attractiveness as a medical tourism destination. Dubai’s strategic location, the availability of skilled medical talent and the latest technology, have empowered the emirate to develop a strong position in the global health tourism sector.

With growing interest among tourists from around the world to avail health and wellness services in Dubai, the Dubai Health Experience (DXH) brand, created by the DHA, will be presented at the Dubai Stand to showcase a range of health and wellness services capable of providing a distinctive travel experience to travelers. It combines both tourism experiences with health and wellness programs. Consumers and travel trade and medical tourism facilitators will be able to get more information on how to customize these packages and about the empaneled healthcare and wellness facilities to the health tourism program by DHA.

Dr. Marwan Al Mulla, CEO, Dubai Health Regulation Sector, DHA, said: “Health Regulation plays a pivotal role in the healthcare industry, especially in the move to provide extensive healthcare to both residents and tourists. Our evaluation criteria for the empaneled healthcare facilities for health tourism are very stringent. We have to pave the way for new medical advancements along with Dubai’s growth as a global destination for health tourism. We also ensure that physicians have an ethical, moral and social responsibility to further the field, while also providing a safe and high-quality healthcare to every individual who accesses the system.”

Dubai’s strategic geographical advantage makes it an ideal destination of choice for tourists looking for a health and wellness experience that meets their criteria for rejuvenation and relaxation.

DXH, a brand conceived by DHA, aims to provide an extensive range of medical diagnosis and treatment options across different specialties, including cosmetic, dental, orthopedic, fertility treatments, among others. DXH will also promote its quick appointment services through its website, which features a comprehensive lineup of medical packages from an established network of over 65 healthcare facilities offering various medical specialties including orthopedic, ophthalmology, dental, assisted reproduction methods, cosmetics, preventive health checkup, sports medicine, dermatology, weight loss management, surgeries and other wellness products and services.

DXH will also highlight Dubai’s tourist-friendly policies, numerous highly-qualified health centres and infrastructure built to meet global standards, as well as internationally-trained professional staff who understand the needs and culture of tourists. The emirate offers a 90- day medical tourism visa in cooperation with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, which is renewable for an additional 30 days, depending on the procedure and the patient’s case.

As a brand created by DHA, DXH looks to co-develop preventive health check-up holiday packages of various kinds for individuals, families and children in the future--working in collaboration with leading hospitals and clinics in Dubai and showcasing the 360° health tourism experience that the emirate offers.

The Authority continues to build Dubai’s strength in the healthcare sector by introducing the latest treatment trends as part of its continuing efforts to promote advanced healthcare. It has paved the way for the emirate to pioneer stem cell therapy for aesthetic and degenerative treatments.

Dubai also houses the region’s first holistic wellbeing resort by Mgallery, with the Rayya Wellness Centre at the heart of the resort. Inspired by a 360-degree holistic wellness concept, the Centre offers organic products and an uplifting relaxation and rejuvenation experience. Wellness experts, including lifestyle coaches, expert nutritionists, dedicated wellness chefs, and naturopathic consultants advise and guide the guests through every aspect of their wellness journeys. There are six tailor-made retreats that have been expertly designed to relax and revive the mind, body and spirit. Packages range from three to fourteen nights and include programs such as Renew - focused on detox and cleansing; Revive - centered around emotional wellbeing; and Reshape - a dedicated fitness and nutrition package to attain a healthier.

In 2017, DHA also developed DXH Smartcare, a medical tourism platform that was launched with Health Bank, a global health management company that provides a single point of contact for patients seeking for a more personalized and holistic health and wellness support system.

Complementing Dubai’s efforts to continue improving patients’ experiences, DHA has also shared that it is now working on enlisting a roster of medical tourism facilitators and travel operators that would promote the emirate’s distinctive healthcare services. The strategy is aimed at equipping travel partners with the right platform to develop end-to-end solutions and packages for key specialties intended for specific markets especially for dental care, cosmetics and dermatology, and wellness services.

DHA will facilitate the access to key healthcare providers in the UAE to be able to develop the packages. It will also provide marketing tools and workshops to enhance market knowledge and awareness towards promoting Dubai as a leading destination for health and wellness tourism.