Healthcare in hotel rooms for Dubai visitors

Zulekha Hospital and The Health Bank (THB) have entered into an agreement that guarantees access to home nursing services for patients of Zulekha Hospital.

Providing patient care coupled with clinical expertise, Zulekha Hospital and THB’s partnership helps create a seamless transition from the hospital to the comfort of the patient’s home or hotel without compromising on providing optimal clinical care during the process.

The Health Bank Home Health Care CEO Salman Arif said: “Our partnership with Zulekha Hospital promotes the transformation in the home health care landscape by providing innovative, compassionate and quality care. All our medical teams are fully licenced and carry the necessary qualifications required by the regulatory bodies to treat these patients.”

Zulekha Healthcare Group managing director Taher Shams said: “We are happy to join hands with THB Home Health Care for the provision of post-operative and home care services. Our hospitals provide multidisciplinary tertiary care facilities under one roof and we are here to serve the residents with what they need at their weakest moments to ensure a speedy recovery and a healthy life ahead. The move will catalyse our efforts in achieving this goal.”

According to Gulf News, This partnership will help Zulekha Hospital and The Health Bank address the healthcare system’s current and future needs and bridge the gap by introducing innovative and personalised methods of enhancing the patient’s healthcare experience.

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