Specialist from Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic Speaks about Fertility Treatments in Dubai

Spokesperson: Dr. Diana Kayal - obstetrician and gynaecologist at Bourn Hall Clinic

Hospital: Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic, an ultra-modern facility, built on a foundation of 35 years’ experience in IVF technologies and Infertility treatments.

1. How can you justify the increasing demand for fertility treatments nowadays?
Married couples are increasingly seeking fertility treatments nowadays due to late marriage as a large number of women are postponing marriage until late thirties. In fact, this increases the infertility risks compared to women at their twenties. The older the woman is, the higher the chance of having difficulties getting pregnant. Lifestyle choices have also a drastic impact on fertility. For instance, smoking, fast food, lack of exercising along with long working hours are considered to be major contributing factors to infertility.

2. When should a married woman request a medical intervention?
We advise people to seek fertility treatments after a year if the woman is below 35. After 35, a woman should consult the doctor after six months of marriage.

3. What is your recommendation to patients who are seeking fertility treatments to choose the right hospital/doctors in Dubai?
The institution’s reputation in addition to patients’ feedback and experiences are important factors for choosing the right doctor and the right hospital. As more and more women tend to share their personal experiences on blogs, the platform now resembles a great source of information for women seeking successful fertility treatments.

4. What makes Dubai different than other destinations for fertility treatment?
We recommend Dubai as a fertility treatment destination for its offerings, which include world class medical facilities, professional medical specialists and highly advanced equipment that ensure receiving positive results. All medical centers in Dubai follow strict laws issued by Dubai Health Authority which ensure high standard treatments.

5. What specialized fertility treatments does Bourn Hall Clinic offer?
Bourn Hall Clinic offers a wide range of advanced treatments which include supporting women during birth, In Vitro fertilization (IVF), Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), Micro injection, and identifying genetic disorders. For example if both parents are having Thalassemia, the possibility of the new born carrying the same disorder is 25%. To avoid this, we apply micro injection procedure to examine the fetus and insure it does not carry the disorder, and then we return it back to the mother’s womb.

6. What are the specialized equipment and advanced technologies available in Bourn Hall Clinic?
Bourn Hall clinic is well-known for its state of art laboratories. It offers the most advanced technologies in fertility treatments, in addition to the continued surveillance over all our laboratories. Our top priority is providing comfort and safety to our patients; therefore, we offer each patient a special ward to ensure they receive best possible treatment and care.

Please visit www.bournhall-clinic.ae/ for more details.

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