The Patient Protection Plan

DHA has a patient centric strategy for Health tourism in Dubai where the patient’s interest is at its heart. DXH continues to support your interests whilst in Dubai for your treatments and therefore the following complete plan was devised for this reason:

  • The Charter of patients’ rights and responsibilities

    DHA has developed a Charter of patients’ Rights and Responsibilities for all patients treated in Dubai. We believe that patients need to understand their rights and responsibilities clearly before traveling to Dubai for healthcare. The patients rights and responsibilities charter can be accessed here.

  • Medical Complaints Procedure

    DHA has created a clear and transparent process to handle any medical complaints from patients (the medical complaint investigation policy can be accessed here) that are related to a health professional or a health facility in Dubai. This process has been designed to address issues based on the level of severity and provide patients and their families with a clear timetable for resolution(the medical complaint management policy can be accessed here). Other non-medical complaints including financial, criminal, insurance related and complaints related to conduct and behaviours are out of scope of our services and may be dealt with through the customer service desks at the healthcare facilities. A complaint can be filed against a medical health professional or a medical facility by filling the Medical Complaints Procedure online ( ) or by emailing a duly filled and signed complaint letter to .If you need further assistance or would like to know more, please contact the Medical Complaints Section in the Health Regulation Department on +971-4-5022946 or +971-4-5024022 and also can send a Fax to +971-4-3113196 .

  • Inbound Travel Insurance scheme– DHA works with a third party company to provide coverage for health tourists traveling to Dubai. This insurance policy is an important safety net in the event of unforeseen complications that may arise from the treatment received in Dubai and we encourage all inbound health tourists to purchase Health travel insurance provided by the health facilities in Dubai. Details of the insurance policy can be found here.

  • Evaluated and Approved Medical Facilities

     The medical facilities appearing on this website have been vetted and approved to receive health tourists. This process involves each facility meeting rigorous requirements and standards, onsite inspections and ongoing review from our Health Regulation department. These facilities make up the DXH Group whose details can be found .