Dubai Health Authority (DHA), in partnership with Visa is offering Visa cardholders from Kuwait access to exclusive offers and discounts on world class medical services and procedures in Dubai. Visa cardholders can book appointments with doctors, plan treatment itineraries and benefit from the range of exclusive offers made available with the Partnered Healthcare Facilities.


Dubai is a leading healthcare destination that provides easy access to a high-quality medical services and treatments in a well-regulated health system and advanced infrastructure that is conducive to offer an exclusive health and wellness experience. It is home to internationally accredited healthcare institutions that offer innovation and integrated care model that delivers a fulfilling patient experience.

The healthcare service providers offer a range of elective procedures in orthopedics and sports medicine, ophthalmology, dental, dermatology, gynecology, wellness and preventive health check-up, as well as assisted reproductive techniques and weight loss management and surgeries. Dubai also offers a pool of skilled and licensed healthcare professionals that have established their credentials as leaders around the world.


  • - Get exclusive discount on all healthcare services and procedures at Participating Healthcare Facilities.
  • - Offer is valid for all Visa cardholders from banks in Kuwait.
  • - Offer valid until 31st of December 2023.


  • - Visa cardholders from banks in Kuwait can avail the offers provided at the Participating Healthcare Facilities.
  • - The offers are listed on the Participating Healthcare Facilities website, click on the Healthcare Facility logo to check the offers available.
  • - Plan and book your visit for your required treatment. Redeem the respective offer for your treatment by using your Visa card from a Kuwait bank.

These terms and conditions refer to the discount offer (“Promotion”) brought to you by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) through the Dubai Health Experience (DXH) platform, Visa, and the Participating Healthcare Facilities in the promotional campaign.


- DHA: Dubai Health Authority
- DXH: Dubai Health Experience
- Visa: Promotional Partner
- Participating Healthcare Facilities Facility (“Provider”): Any hospital/clinic in Dubai that operates the Promotion.

• The Promotional Campaign is valid from the 8th of March 2023 until 31st of December 2023.

• Visa cardholders from banks in Kuwait can avail the Promotion provided at the Participating Healthcare Facility.

• By using this Promotion, the user indicates acceptance of the rules together with any specific instructions and standard terms and conditions of service that may be mentioned in any electronic messages, on the website, or communicated to you in any other way by the Participating Healthcare Facility.

• The Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion unless otherwise indicated by the Participating Healthcare Facility.

• The booking, payments or cancellation of the service taken will be completely handled by the Participating Healthcare Facility.

• To provide healthcare, the Patient shall sign the terms of treatment and understand all the terms and conditions at the Provider by telephone, in person, or via an electronic form on the Provider’s website.

• The Participating Healthcare Facility will use any relevant details submitted to administer the Promotion with the consent of the Patient.

• DHA and Visa reserve the right to change the terms and conditions from time to time and its absolute discretion to refuse the Promotion or withdraw the Promotion from a Participant Healthcare Facility or Beneficiary at any time without notice.

• DHA acts as the organizer of this Promotion.

• The Participating Healthcare Facility are responsible for all complaints, issues and claims relating to the healthcare procedure and undertakes to resolve any disputes or misunderstandings.

• All terms and conditions (and all non-contractual claims and disputes) and claim or disputes which arise out of or in connection with this Promotion will fall under the jurisdiction of Dubai courts.

• What is the campaign launched by DHA in partnership with Visa?
Exclusive discounts are offered to Visa cardholders in Kuwait on health services and procedures offered by participating healthcare facilities.

• Is the discount offered standard for all participating healthcare facilities?
Each participating healthcare facility offers different discount offers during the campaign period.

• How long will the campaign run?
The campaign will run till end of December 2023.

• Who can avail the discounts?
Yes, the offers and discounts are available for all Visa cardholders from any bank in Kuwait.

• What kind of services can I avail?
You can avail various health services offered on the campaign page of the participating healthcare facility.

• How many healthcare facilities are participating?
Currently there are 8 participating healthcare facilities.

• Who are the participating healthcare facilities?
There are 8 participating healthcare facilities:
1. Al Zahra Hospital,
2. Canadian Specialist Hospital,
3. King’s College Hospital London,
4. Adam Vital,
5. Clemenceau Medical Center,
6. Neuro Spinal Hospital,
7. Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib
8. Burjeel Hospital

• How can I avail the discount?
- Select the healthcare facility on
- Once you are redirected to the facility website, you can view and redeem the required discount

• I don’t speak English, would there be someone to assist me at the healthcare facility?
Yes, the healthcare facilities in Dubai have staff that can speak in multiple languages.

• If I face an issue with my booking, who would be able to assist me?
You can directly contact the facility through their different communication channels.

• Can I avail multiple offers from different hospitals?
Yes, you can avail multiple offers from multiple hospitals