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  • Aesthetics International Plastic Surgery Clinic

  • Well Woman Comprehensive Package

  • Jumeirah

  • Aesthetics International has designed the Well Woman comprehensive package, which targets at monitoring the overall health of women. This package includes various tests and scans to monitor your health and examine your physical state. All the tests are done using the latest and best of machines. And availing this package, you can get some added benefits.

    • One consultation with Family Medicine Doctor and 1 followup
    • Tests – Calcium (serum), Vitamin D (25-OH), Anemia Profile, Diabetes Profile + Insulin Growth Factor, Lipid profile, Liver function profile, Renal profile, Thyroid profile (free), stool for occult blood, urine analysis, Pap smear – liquid based, Menopausal profile (Hormone Panel 2), and Fasting Cortisol
    • Free In Body Composition (patient should not have pacemaker)
    • Complimentary pick up and drop off to hotel
    • Optional tests outside the clinic – Chest x-ray, ECG, breast ultrasound (below age 40), and mammogram (above age 40)
    • Exclusive corporate contracted rate at luxury hotel
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  • AED 6600

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