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  • Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

  • Arthroscopic Bankart Repair for Dislocation

  • Abu Hail

  • This procedure involves repairing the over stretched or torn labrum and capsule deep within the shoulder joint. More details about the treatment plan are discussed with the patient after the consultation

    • Service and room charges for 1 night
    • Surgeon fees
    • Operating Room and recovery room charges, Anesthesia, consumables, Routine lab tests, Radiology and Medication (up to certain limit)
    • Doctor rounding fees: 1 visit
    • Extra investigation or/and Extra procedures due to some complications
    • Extra overnight stay
    • The muscles may have spasms from the disruption, and this can make it hurt more. When the shoulder dislocates time and again, there is shoulder instability. The doctor will examine the shoulder and may order an X-ray. It is important that the doctor know how the dislocation happened and whether the shoulder had ever been dislocated before.
  • Exclusions if recommended by doctors or requested by the patient

  • AED 64,000

  • AED 40,000

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