Health By Dubai

Dubai is a leading healthcare destination that provides easy access to a high-quality medical services and treatments in a well-regulated health system and advanced infrastructure that is conducive to offer an exclusive health and wellness experience. Beside the fact that the high-end healthcare system are the best in the world, Dubai proud itself for the robust regulation system. More than 90 % of the Hospitals in Dubai are internationally accredited.

Why Medical Dubai

  • Advanced infrastructure

    Dubai is home to world-class internationally accredited healthcare institutions that offer innovation and integrated care model that delivers a fulfilling patient experience. The highly advanced infrastructure of healthcare service providers offer a range of specialties covering elective procedures in cosmetic treatment & surgery, orthopedics and sports medicine, ophthalmology, dental, dermatology, wellness and preventive health check-up, as well as assisted reproductive techniques and weight loss management and surgeries. Not only infrastructure but Dubai also offers a pool of skilled and licensed healthcare professionals that have established their credentials as leaders around the world.

  • Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence, Robotic surgeries, radiation surgery , advanced neuro and spinal options , 3D technology with in dental services, complicated surgeries for prosthetic body parts and Stem cell technologies are few of the many cutting edge technologies that Dubai has already embraced in the medical practices in order to provide new lease of life to patients.

Medical Dubai Facts

Complex specialty procedures such as such as heart bypass, heart valve replacement, oncology is also available with specialized facilities with an aim of providing long-term comprehensive care and medical rehabilitation. Dubai’s healthcare brings comprehensive, integrated and high quality service delivery system with the best standards of care and experience through innovative and cutting-edge technologies. Technologies such as robotic procedures, health monitoring wearables and health analytics, the digitization of patient records (electronic health records), e-visits, telemedicine, connected medical devices, re integrated to deliver a smooth process.

Dubai's health Sector

For extensive surgeries and all interventions, selected hospitals assure short or zero waiting times. From physical examinations to same day, admission is possible based on the case and sharing of medical records before arrival. The healthcare sector in Dubai has 110 nationalities speaking their own languages. Amidst the variety of culture and traditions, if there is one thing that you will find here is language assistance and expert interpreters arranged by the hospitals reassuring hospitality and great after care.

Strategy for health tourism

Dubai health Authority (DHA) has a patient centric strategy for health tourism in Dubai where the patient’s interest is at its heart. Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has developed a Charter of patients’ Rights and Responsibilities and a competent Medical Complaints Procedure for all patients treated in Dubai.

Brand Dubai Health Experience

Brand Dubai Health Experience culminates the government’s efforts to provide advanced and comprehensive healthcare services towards a healthier and happier experience for the health tourist and at the same time an unparalleled holiday experience to their families in one of the world’s most dynamic cities.

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