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Come to Dubai for a celebrity smile (and loads of awesome selfies with famous landmarks…)

If you’re after a mega-watt smile, come to Dubai, a cosmopolitan city that boasts not only the best dentists in the world, but also the best sights

If you’re looking for a beautiful new smile and a holiday, we’ve got an idea: book a ticket to the futuristic emirate of Dubai. With its high-tech dental clinics, highly-qualified dentists, and incredible sights, you can fly in to the city for a one-day dental treatment on a Thursday, and spend the rest of the weekend checking out (and taking selfies in) the city.

What kind of treatments can you have done here, you ask? Everything from fillings to bridges and implants, root canals to veneers, sealants to teeth whitening, and more. Known for its innovative approach to, well, pretty much everything, Dubai’s dental clinics boast state-of-the-art technology, incredible dentistry innovations, and highly-trained and experienced dentists.

Dr. Majd Naji from Liberty Dental Clinic says that one of the city’s most innovative and effective cosmetic dental techniques is 3NVeneers. “This technology allows us to take impressions and match your teeth colour perfectly, fixing veneers in only two sessions. The process is 100 per cent pain free, and there are no injections or drilling either.”

Explaining why Dubai makes for an ideal cosmetic-dentistry-meets-vacation destination, Dr. Naji says, “It’s very accessible for people coming from Africa, Asia and Europe, and the city makes it easy for people to connect through a variety of airlines and airports. It’s also really comfortable and safe. Since we have many patients coming from outside the UAE for treatments, we try and offer same-day procedures whenever we can. These include non-complicated procedures like same-day transplants, restorative treatments, and root canals.”

Dr. Naji says that Liberty Dental Clinic saw 53 per cent of its patients coming from overseas in 2016. “With this in mind, we offer prompt airport pick-up and drop-off services, as well as Skype consultations to discuss treatment details before patients arrive. We have more than 25 dentists covering a range of specialities here, allowing us to offer faster, more accurate and effective treatments.”

Don’t-miss selfie spots

Once you’re done with your cosmetic dental treatment, don’t forget to visit these awesome Dubai sights. Pack your smartphone for photos; you’re going to want to show off your new smile…

Burj Khalifa

This architectural masterpiece is a must see when you visit to Dubai. A gleaming, glittering tower – that’s the tallest in the world – it’s visible from across the city, but it’s only when you get up close and personal to the skyscraper that you really appreciate how massive it really is. Start your journey in the Dubai Mall – the biggest mall in the world – and enjoy shopping at luxury stores, wandering through Dubai Aquarium, and then heading over to the Burj Khalifa – which is next door – and up to levels 124 and 125 to catch breathtaking views of Dubai. Once you’re done, go to At.Mosphere – a high-end restaurant on the 122nd floor of the tower –  for sundowners and gourmet fare. Book ahead though; tables fill up fast.

Dubai Water Canal
This beautiful 3.2km-long waterway is an incredible feat of engineering that connects a vast part of the city by water. Winding its way to the Arabian Gulf from the Creek in Old Dubai through the more modern Business Bay area, you’ll find luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants and stunning views all along the waterside. You can walk, cycle or catch a water taxi to explore the canal, just don’t forget to head to the stunning pedestrian bridge over the canal at Safa Park. We think it boasts some of the best views of Dubai. Perfect for selfies!

Burj Al Arab

This is the most Instagrammed hotel in the world – and for good reason. A marvel of modern engineering, this luxury property stands on its own island surrounded by beautiful white-sand beaches and azure water. If you like, book a room and indulge in seven-star luxury unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. If you don’t have time to stay, simply head to the free Open Beach alongside the hotel and take a few selfies before enjoying a dip in the deliciously warm waters of the Arabian Sea.


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