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Travelling to sunny Dubai for IVF treatment may help you fall pregnant…

From world-class IVF clinics to year-round sunshine and relaxing leisure activities, this futuristic emirate is one of the best IVF holiday destinations. Here’s why…

Most people who undergo in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment say that while the end result – a baby – makes everything worthwhile, it’s not always an easy process. Trying to conceive via IVF is already stressful, but when you add the challenges of everyday life to the mix, things can often feel overwhelming for the hopeful couple. Which is where IVF holidays come in.

Today, more couples are choosing to take IVF vacations…

This is not just an excuse for a getaway: scientific research proves that IVF holidays can actually boost the odds of conception because women are more likely to be relaxed and in good psychological wellbeing on holiday, both of which are vital to falling pregnant. Add to that, if mums-to-be head to sunny climes for their IVF break – according to an ongoing fertility treatment study by Belgium’s University Hospital Ghent’s Centre for Reproductive Medicine – they could boost their likelihood of a baby by as much as one third (and top up their tan).

Which makes Dubai the ideal place for an IVF holiday...

Featuring year-round sunshine, five- and even seven-star hotels, luxury spas, gourmet restaurants, world-class shopping and – most importantly – some of the globe’s best IVF specialists, here you can relax and unwind while achieving your dream of having a baby.

The practicalities of IVF travel…

Dr. David Robertson, IVF Consultant at Bourn Hall Clinic Dubai, says that if a couple living outside Dubai is considering coming to the city for IVF treatment, they should ask the medical facilities in Dubai if they’re willing to chat to them via Skype or on the phone ahead of their journey to discuss any concerns and answer questions. “Our clinic can arrange for couples to have certain tests done before they come to Dubai, if that’s more convenient for them,” he adds.

Dr. Robertson explains that one of the most important aspects of successful IVF is a clinic’s laboratory. “It’s the place where the eggs, sperm and embryos are housed and the atmosphere and environment in which they’re kept dictates how likely they are to grow and develop in to healthy embryos that are likely to produce a pregnancy.” Dr. Robertson adds that successful IVF requires, “a highly skilled embryology team and the ideal laboratory environment.” Fortunately, Dubai boasts the best of both, making it the popular IVF destination that it is.

Dr. Robertson says that if a couple is coming to the emirate for IVF, they should consider a holiday, too. “There’s so much to do here, and the weather is fantastic for most of the year. The healthcare landscape has changed over the years, and there are many high-quality, well-regulated facilities in the emirate. The local health regulations have also matured, so there’s a high standard of well-qualified doctors and good treatments. There’s definitely an excellent opportunity to combine leisure with high-quality treatments, some of which may not even be available in other countries.”

A Father’s Testimonial Watch Video

“My wife and I had been struggling with infertility for quite some time; having a baby was one of the prime objectives of our marriage. IVF is challenging and stressful, but we’re very glad we came to Dubai for treatment because we now have a healthy baby boy. Dubai helped us achieve our dream, so we have nothing but praise.”

If you are planning on coming here with your other half, don’t forget to…

Stay at…

Burj Al Arab

If money is no object, book a room in the seven-star Burj Al Arab, the most Instagrammed hotel in the world and one of Dubai’s key landmarks. Built on its own island and a two-minute walk from the beach, here you’ll find ultra-luxurious suites overlooking the sea, nine restaurants, and an opulent spa. Arrive in style by Rolls Royce or have a chopper drop you off on the roof.

The Palace Downtown

For something a little easier on the pocket but no less luxurious, this is a fantastic choice. Right next to the Burj Khalifa and overlooking The Dubai Fountain, this Middle-Eastern themed hotel offers the ideal location from which to explore the glittering emirate of Dubai.

Dine at…


Low lighting and an array of sumptuous cuisines from Japan, China, India and Italy make this an ideal spot for a romantic dinner. Ladies, feast on dishes featuring leafy greens, whole grains, meat and fish (we loved the Teatro Peking Duck on the Bone) as research shows these foods could boost your chances of falling pregnant.


This stylish venue’s relaxed interior and breathtaking views of the Burj Al Arab make it a favourite with tourists and residents alike. Featuring a modern European menu, this is an excellent choice if you’re a fan of great seafood and exceptional views.

Unwind at…


Located in the beautiful Park Hyatt Dubai, this is an Arabian-inspired escape featuring stunning indoor treatment rooms, a calming garden and private poolside cabanas. There are also opulent couples’ treatments; ask for the Amara Couples’ Journey.*

 Anantara Spa

Feel the stress melt away as you enjoy lush treatments – including rejuvenating wraps, scrubs, facials and massages – inspired by the generosity of the Bedouin culture. Take advantage of luxurious couple suites – where you and your other half can enjoy a relaxing massage together – and the Turkish Hammam facilities for couples.*

*Couples undergoing spa treatments during IVF need to get the go ahead from their doctor. It’s also advisable to talk to the spa ahead of your trip to let them know about your IVF treatment plan so that they can tailor the safest treatments for you and your other half. Please keep in mind that some spa treatments are dangerous for pregnant women.


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