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DXH Group was founded in the year 2014 by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) as a consortium of healthcare facilities within the Emirate of Dubai that are recognized and evaluated by DHA. Fulfilling the vision of a strategic plan for health tourism, these facilities will promote comprehensive and competitive healthcare packages for in-bound health tourists through the DXH Website/Mobile App thereby strengthening the public-private partnership in Dubai.

The group currently comprises of 80 healthcare providers offering a wide range of comprehensive health services in Dubai such as Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Assisted Reproductive Techniques, Bariatric and weight-loss surgeries, Cosmetic and Plastic surgeries and Dental care …etc. DHA seeks to build long-term collaborated relationship with other stakeholders within the region and internationally to develop a continuous care process by understanding the services needed to promote health tourism. DXH Group will help position Dubai as a leading destination for health tourism on the global map by delivering services in a transparent and open manner and approved by the Dubai Health Authority.

Membership Criteria:

Healthcare facilities in Dubai can become members of the DXH Group following a comprehensive evaluation process by DHA. A decision-making committee of subject matter experts assesses each healthcare facility annually based on the following criteria:

  • Number of years since establishment of the facility.
  • International Accreditation and certification, approved by ISQua for services /processes at the facility.
  • No. of clinical complaints and malpractice suits against the facility in 12 months
  • No. of administrative and ethical violations registered in 12 months
  • Interactive Website available to facilitate health tourism
  • Availability of MT Facilitation services – Visa, ticket, hotel, ample parking space + valet, transportation, patient coordinator, patient complaints management policy and its compliance
  • Translation services at the facility
  • Details of international affiliations through ownership or partnership with well-known health providers

DXH Group Activities include quarterly meetings to plan and promote Dubai Health Tourism strategy, B2B networking sessions, participation and representation at International and Regional health tourism events and conference and other promotional activities.

The DXH Group eligibility form can be accessed here.

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