DXH Second Medical Opinion Programme


We welcome you to explore the DXH Second Medical Opinion Programme (DXH-SMO) that provides access to the best medical expertise in Dubai.

The DXH SMO Programme aims to provide the patient an easy and effective way of getting better perspective and insight into the medical condition by reviewing the medical reports; validation of the original diagnosis; discuss case with the referring doctor; suggest treatment plans, including latest/alternate treatment modalities available in Dubai. Our Specialists will ensure that you receive an unbiased second opinion and the best possible treatment for your diagnosed condition.

The basic information required from individual seeking a second medical opinion are as follows:

A SMO will only be provided for diagnosed cases that has subsequently been prescribed a treatment plan.

The basic information required from individual seeking a second medical opinion are as follows:

  • Valid Medical Report by the Referring Physician detailing the diagnosed condition
  • Proposed Treatment Plan
  • Pathology Slides
  • Diagnostic/Radiology Reports
  • Any additional documents that may or may not be required to support the medical opinion.

What your DXH-SMO contains

The consultation includes a review, analysis and written diagnosis and treatment plan from one of the participating healthcare facility that will be rendered by the appropriate specialists/consultant. Each second opinion report will be endorsed with the Specialist’s CV and the profile of the clinic from where you can seek the treatment.

**Please be informed that the second opinion will solely be based on the files and information provided by you post a personal examination that shall be carried out by a specialist in his/her office and has provided you with a confirmed diagnosis based on the evaluation and/or investigative tests done.

Advantages of the DXH-SMO Programme


Quality Assurance

Vetted Consultants from internationally accredited hospitals empaneled under the DXH Second Medical Opinion Programme (Subject to changes as deemed appropriate by the healthcare facility and approved by DXH will only provide Opinions)


Patient Support and Follow-up Care

Facilitators of the hospitals will provide patients with start-to-finish support throughout the process, providing a hassle-free experience.



Second Opinions will be provided within a turnaround time of two working days once complete medical information is received and the pathology, if any, is processed.

Healthcare Facility Credentials for Empanelment


Full time Consultants licensed by DHA (with minimum 10 years of experience)


Full time Specialist licensed by DHA (with minimum 10 years of experience)


Availability of infrastructure, equipment and technology within the facility to support the specialty (explain with evidence)


Availability of research and/or training center


Associations with internationally certified research centers

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