Natural Full Smile Makeover (6 veneers) by Cosmetic Specialist

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AED 70,000



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    Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Center

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  • Package Description

    Custom-made smile designed by Cosmetic Specialist and hand-made porcelain veneers by Ceramist. Specifically developed to give back a natural and healthy look with maximum comfort.

  • Package Includes

    • In-house consultation to understand the desires and expectations of the patient Full Check up including x-rays and cbct scan if required
    • Diagnostic pictures
    • Impressions
    • Hand-made smile preview to see and feel the proposed final result Hand-made provisional veneers to test the new smile design. Provisional veneers are reshaped until patient is satisfied with the design Esthetic gum surgery if required
    • Hand-made porcelain veneers by our Master Ceramist trained in Oral Design Centre in New York Aftercare Package from Dr Apa's new line including Apa toothbrush, Apa white toothpaste,rinse and pink gum gel
    • Total Treatment time : 5 days
  • Package Excludes

    • Presence of severe teeth crowding
    • Presence of advanced gum disease
    • Ongoing Orthodontic treatment
    • Multiple-missing teeth not replaceable with bridgework Presence of Dental Implants in the teeth interested by treatment Endodontic treatment
    • Dentals Implants
    • Periodontal treatment
  • Patient Eligibility

    Mandatory Skype interview to evaluate patient eligibility for Cosmetic treatment

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