Medcare Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital

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    • Specialty Clinic
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    • Orthopaedics
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    2nd Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road

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    Medcare Orthopaedics and Spine Hospital (MOSH) is one of the finest medical facilities providing premium and state of the art medical practice in the region. Medcare brand has undergone several expansions to offer the best medical care to the community of Dubai and the adjoining Emirates. One of such initiatives was the inception of MOSH, which has the potential to suit the expected demands of its patients. The medical practitioners on board are leading practitioners in  orthopaedic and spine disciplines, with equal concentration in medical and surgical practice with advanced training in a wide range of Orthopedic subspecialties. The doctors and the support staff are highly educated and oriented with the best practices in the medical field. They have several years of experience in treating a vast range of orthopaedic cases. MOSH boasts one of the largest and most comprehensive associations of Private Orthopedic surgeons in the Emirate.

    MOSH has devoted its efforts to serve the community. Our first aim is to provide the best medical and surgical orthopedic and spine care. We are continuously committed to developing the most advanced and best practices to provide specialized and comprehensive care to all individuals from all age groups. The hospital is committed to offer its wide work experience to diagnose and treat all bone diseases ranging from minor injuries and up to the more complex, which includes the joints and fractures hip, knee, shoulder, etc. In addition, one of our ultimate objective is to develop effective communication among the patient, physician and healthcare team, in order to provide the best medical care, and maintain a family atmosphere through a safe environment in the hospital.

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