Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is participating in the DTCM's Mobile Tourism Expo in Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia

Health Tourism Council, Dubai Health Authority participated in The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) Africa Roadshow in Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia. Through this roadshow Dubai Health Tourism played a vital role in promoting knowledge sharing, unlocking business potentials and showcasing what Dubai offers to the medical tourists from outstanding healthcare services to the finest medical expertise.

DXH group members American Hospital, Al Zahra Hospital, Iranian Hospital and Thumbay Hospital, Dubai also participated in the roadshow offering a wide array of health packages in different specialities. A significant number of top travel agents attended the roadshow and organized one-on-one meetings with these DXH Group facilities.

Given the advanced infrastructure and the healthcare professionals that Dubai embraces, DXH was capable of demonstrating the feasible proposition that Dubai offers to medical tourists from the African countries who aspire to live one of a kind experience in the iconic city of Dubai.

Dr. Layla Mohamed Al Marzouqi, Director of the Health Tourism Council, said, “ Dubai is 5 hours or less flight time from the destinations we visited with DTCM in Africa, with world-class infrastructure for healthcare, along with a well-regulated environment, Dubai is a favorable destination for the African Markets.

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