DHA receives an International Canadian Accreditation for its ... 13-02-2019 Share

The Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) Primary Healthcare Sector has been granted

The Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) Primary Healthcare Sector has been granted a “Diamond Status” accreditation from the Qmentum International accreditation programme for its smart homecare services. The DHA launched the smart homecare services earlier this year to provide homebound patients with safe, quality and timely healthcare services and to allow the homecare team to contact doctors via smart applications and devices for instant consultation. These smart technologies also include wireless devices that are directly linked to DHA’s electronic health record system SALAMA, ensuring that patient records are updated in real-time during home visits via a secure web server. The wireless devices include non-contact thermometers, auto-arm blood pressure monitor, 4g router, smart tablet, pulse oximeter, connected pocket electrocardiogram, blood glucose monitor, wireless stethoscope and a digital scope system. The smart homecare services reduce waiting time, incidences of complication and guarantee timely availability of services, which is in line with the authority’s goals of achieving a healthier and happier society. The DHA ‘s Primary Healthcare Sector received this prominent recognition after a team of specialized experts from the Canadian accreditation programme evaluated the smart homecare initiative and concluded it to be an innovative service, in terms of the service’s performance and ease of integration, that benefits patients. Receiving almost a 100 per cent satisfaction rate for the smart homecare services qualified the Primary Healthcare Sector to receive the Diamond status of the accreditation. Commenting on this achievement, H.E Humaid Al Qutami, Director General of the DHA said that providing a comprehensive treatment experience to homebound patients without leaving the comfort of their homes is among the authority’s priorities, which constantly works towards enhancing services provided to patients to achieve customer satisfaction. Al Qutami stressed that authority strives to continuously develop the primary healthcare sector’s services and facilities and to ensure that they are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment and skilled specialists. He added while the authority takes pride in its capabilities that have enabled the authority to utilize smart technologies and adapt them to best benefit the community of Dubai it also takes pride in its medical and administrative competencies who spare no effort to serve the community. Al Qutami commended the efforts of the primary healthcare sector and its dedicated teams who have contributed to the centre’s quality services and to achieving this international accreditation. Dr Manal Trayam, CEO of the Primary Healthcare sector said the authority’s primary healthcare sector is undergoing major changes to enhance the level of services provided to patients. She added that the authority was able to achieve international recognition due to being in constant contact with the community and taking their suggestions into consideration, which enabled the centres to develop services that directly meet the public’s demands. Dr Taryam revealed earlier that so far 1,372 clients benefited from homecare services. With the introduction of the smart technologies, this number is expected to increase by 50 per cent increasing efficiency of the services provided and reducing the waiting time for getting a specialist consultation from two weeks to instant real-time consultation electronically. Linking the devices to Salama ensures the accuracy of data and allows healthcare specialists to keep track of patients’ overall health condition and routine health consultation or assessment from the comfort of their homes instead of having to make tiresome and tedious visit to healthcare facilities. Dr Taryam concluded by stating that the implementation of the smart homecare initiative is in line with DHA Strategy 2016-2021 to protect and improve population’s health, enhance home and remote care and implement an innovative care model.