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Breaking Free from Osteoarthritis with Hip Replacement Surgery in Dubai

Breaking Free from Osteoarthritis with Hip Replacement Surgery in Dubai.

Any type of immobility can be very discouraging when one is very young and gradually becomes a hindrance in leading a normal life. One of our health tourists from Kuwait, Ms. Safia, only thirty-five years suffered from severe Hip Joint Osteoarthritis. In the beginning, the pain was tolerable, but as the condition worsened she became bedridden, and eventually, she couldn’t walk any longer. There was no hope until she found the option of Hip replacement surgery that could be done in Dubai in One day.

She came across Dr. Muthana Sartawi Dubai where he recommended her hip replacement surgery. He was highly cooperative, well-versed, knowledgeable, and always promptly responds to  Safia and her family's inquiries. The surgery was conducted in Dubai, one of the leading Hospitals, Adam Vital Hospital, a premier inpatient and outpatient medical facility with state-of-the-art equipment and technology for orthopedic and neuro-spine surgery, making us the Centre of excellence towards the super specialty where you find consultation and treatment from renowned and experienced doctors and surgeons across UAE.

Safia underwent the procedure of Hip replacement with Dr. Sartawi and is now on the road to recovery, with improved outcomes and renewed happiness. We are happy to see Safia more confident and back to leading a normal life.

In Safia/s Words: “The psychological comfort provided by the staff was also exceptional. After the operation, I could walk without assistance, and gradually my movements became normal again. My recovery continued smoothly after leaving the hospital. I received daily physical therapy sessions at home, which helped me tremendously. I am grateful to Dr. Muthanna and the medical staff at Adam Vital Hospital Dubai for their exceptional care and my rapid recovery from hip replacement surgery”.