Dubai is one of the world’s fastest developing and flourishing cities in the world. The city has become a model of modernity, luxury and prosperity, creating a better future in health.

Dubai strives to meet the needs of those searching for an exceptional treatment experience and an ideal healing environment, which promotes the well-being and happiness.

DHA aims to be a market leader in the field of Health tourism and promote high-quality medical services for elective treatments in niche specialties such as Dental, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic, Fertility, Cosmetic, Gynecology and Wellness along with an unparalleled holiday experience in the world’s most dynamic city, Dubai.

In April 2016, a star was born: Brand Dubai Health Experience (DXH) was launched under Dubai Health Authority (DHA), a government entity that oversees Dubai’s health sector, to put healthcare at the heart of Dubai’s lifestyle experience, giving health travelers an unforgettable voyage across an impressive spectrum of premier accredited clinics and hospitals.

The Health Tourism Department, under DHA is responsible for planning, supervising and developing the Health Tourism ecosystem in Dubai. It is dedicated to work in collaborations with public and private sector to promote Dubai as a global health tourism destination.

Dubai Health Experience allows you to fully ‘Embrace Life’ with advanced and comprehensive

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